Emilie & Adam's Engagement

Wow I seriously suck at updating this blog. You know what doesn't suck? Emilie & Adam! These two love birds are getting married this weekend and I can't wait to document their day! I also can't believe how fast time has gone by - I shot these engagement photos over two years ago now!

Christmas Surpise

A couple months ago while visiting my apartment, my very sneaky family conspired against me and stole FIVE rolls of undeveloped film. I've been holding so many rolls of 35 mm film hostage over the last couple years and have always said I would get them developed but just never have never gotten around to it. Well, my family took it into their own hands and got 5 rolls developed as part of my Christmas gift this year. It was honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts ever, being able to step back into time and relive memories I had completely forgotten about. If you can believe it, I probably have around 50 more rolls of film just sitting in this beautiful glass jar, awaiting to be developed ( I've actually grown to love it because it's almost like its own art piece) It's become a super bad habit of mine to just shoot whenever I'm out and never get them developed. The only benefit of waiting so long to get them developed, is that because so much time has passed - you have no idea what's on each roll. To me, I feel this extremely exciting wave of emotions to be able to look back, reflect and smile on this plethora of various memories.

It is the exact reason I document life.

Krystal & Paul's Engagement Party

My beautiful best friend got engaged to the love of her life last month and we all gathered together to celebrate them last night. It was beautifully decorated with bails of hay, sunflowers and mason jars. It was a night for the books celebrating the start of their lives together with good food and even better company