Stefanie Daugilis


Growing up in a small city, and having lived in the same house my entire life, I found my love for photography at a very young age, as I was always recognized as "the girl with the camera".

I honestly believe that because photographers view the world in a very particular way, we hold such a great responsibility to capture it truthfully and beautifully.

It is through people watching, and reflecting upon what happens through my lens that I am able to capture the overlooked, in-between and genuine moments that are generated by human interaction


I enjoy shooting digital but shooting with instant film and 35mm holds a very special place in my heart.

I  absolutely love getting my rolls of film developed and rediscovering the magic of frozen moments in time - & yes, adding them to my coffee book print out of photos!

I take pride in my work reflecting candid and genuine moments of every kind.


let's connect - stefdaugilis@gmail.com